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Data-Sora (tm)
Release Version: 1.3.007


1. Getting Started
→a. System Requirements
→b. Installation
→c. Running Sora.exe
2. TroubleShooting
→a. Tweaking Performance
→b. Known Problems
→c. Updates
3. Legal Information

1. Getting Started
1a. System Requirements
Sora.exe requires at least 130 MB of hard drive space to function properly. The install sizes are 130 MB for a minimum install (not recommended), 180 MB for a recommended install, and 207.85 MB for a full install. A full install provides room for valuable additional data, such as but not limited to: stat buffs, gear upgrades, and emergency backup data. Command and gear slot expansions are available separately and will improve performance if installed.

Minimum System Requirements:
→Highwind lv. 4 or better CPU equivalency
→32 GB (Gummi Blocks) RAM
→Doors(c) 95/98 with DirectX 7.0 or higher

Recommended System Requirements:
→Highwind lv. 7 or better CPU equivalency
→64 GB (Gummi Blocks) RAM
→3D video card (for best platforming experience)

Full Install System Requirements:
→Invincible γ or better CPU equivalency
→108 GB (Gummi Blocks) RAM
→Master Control Program

1b. Installation
Installation begins with the Station of Calling customization portal. Data-Sora can be optimized for offensive performance, defensive performance, or special functionality. Settings chosen here cannot be changed after installation without great risk of corruption to the data and a negative impact on performance. Installation continues and concludes through the Station of Awakening portal. At no time should this installation process be interrupted, as doing so poses a risk of serious data corruption and loss of functionality.

1c. Running Sora.exe
Data-Sora is created to be an independently functioning Artificial Intelligence which will defrag, debug, and de-corrupt your system. He is designed to learn from every new experience and gradually lose the need for command inputs. After three cycles, it should be possible to run Data-Sora in the background without any direct input, visual notifications, or system reboots.

2. Troubleshooting
2a. Tweaking Performance
Data-Sora comes pre-installed with a network of matrices designed for unique optimization and customization for your system. The Stat Matrix provides a framework for continual upgrades and performance enhancements based on the needs of your system and the difficulty level of the bugs therein. Data-Sora will automatically choose the best chip placements for the situation at hand. The Command Matrix allows for Data-Sora to upgrade and synthesize specialized subroutines designed to destroy bugs as efficiently as possible. The Gear Matrix is an installation site for gear upgrades and protective functions, and can be expanded with chips optimized through the Stat Matrix

A careful overview and observance of these matrices will allow you to tweak Data-Sora's performance to fit your needs.

2b. Known Problems
Data-Sora may change routines when exposed to unknown and unvetted applications. Please be advised that it is best to keep the program focused on the destruction of bugs and defragmentation of the system, and that adding functions or tasks not included with the software may result in unobserved and erratic behavior.

Some programs cannot exist in the same system as Data-Sora, and may interact poorly. This can pose a threat to your data and the functionality of your system. Always run an antivirus program when connecting to the Internet.

2c. Updates
It is advisable to keep your program as up-to-date as possible. Updates are made available periodically through our network.

3. Legal Information

GENERAL PRODUCT LICENSE. This copy of Data-Sora (the Software) is intended solely for your personal noncommercial home entertainment use. You may not decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Software, except as permitted by law. Disney Castle Technological Innovations Corp. and HollowBastion Corp. retain all right, title and interest in the Software including all intellectual property rights embodied therein and derivatives thereof. The Software, including, without limitation, all code, matrices, characters, Keyblades, sounds, relationships, rogue data, game play, derivative hearts and all other elements of the Software may not be copied, resold, rented, leased, distributed (electronically or otherwise), turned into Xehanort, used on pay-per-play, coin-op or other for-charge basis, or for any commercial or anti-Light purpose. Any permissions granted herein are provided on a temporary basis and can be withdrawn by Disney Castle Technological Innovations Corp. at any time. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

ACCEPTANCE OF LICENSE TERMS. By acquiring and retaining this Software, you assent to the terms and restrictions of this limited license. If you do not accept the terms of this limited license, you must return the Software together with all packaging, Keyblades and other material contained therein to the system where you acquired the Software for a full refund.

This RP journal created by [personal profile] elementalhero for the express purposes of entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
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